Building Inspections VictoriaBefore you decide to buy a house and sign the contract, you should make it a point to hire someone, like an expert who isn’t invested in the outcome to take a closer check at the property you plan on buying to prevent problems and extra costs in the future. The concept is what we refer to as a building inspection.


Most building inspectors are also professional builders, surveyors or architects who can provide you with a standard property report of the house you will purchase. They follow specific guidelines, and they are precisely aware of what to look for as it can impact your future property. If you’re interested in looking for damages that may hinder your plan on building a second storey in the future, they might be able to help you find some indication. Also, you can have a separate pest inspection report completed to make sure that there are no hidden nasties under the floorboards.


If you are not sure if the investment in building inspections Victoria is worth it, then continue reading what we have to discuss below:


When you look at the property for the first time, it’s only natural to get carried away planning which room should be the study area and whether the kitchen cupboards need a modern renovation. A building inspector understands even the tiniest details that can quickly get away from the untrained eye. They will check the house from the ceiling to the floor, including walls and waterworks. All those issues that are noticeable in a standard walk-through can create all the difference when you’re looking at making one of the substantial financial investments of your life.



Though not all issues found in building inspections Victoria will require renovation and fixing; the report can highlight essential repairs or cost that might be necessary for the future and will significantly impact your decision to buy the property. If you know that you’re going to renovate and fix the whole building in a couple of years, you can prepare for the costs or either take them into account when working out how much money is needed.


One of the advantages of a building inspection report is it helps you with your negotiating power. You can use it as your bargaining chip if the house exceeds your bid. By acknowledging the structural issues of the house and being able to produce a formal report to act as evidence, your position of power at the negotiating table will be well-grounded, that will lead you to save thousands of dollars.


With the knowledge you obtain after reading the report, you can now decide whether you want to buy the property. You also have room to negotiate for a better price or search for something suitable.


Though building inspection deals with many aspects of the property, ensure that you understand what the inclusions on the report are before paying for the service and be sure you only work with a qualified and licensed home inspector in your locality.